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Retaining Wall

Permacrib Retaining Walls

Permacrib is a structurally engineered walling system, utilizing the long established gravity wall concept. The patented lightweight interlocking crib components form a series of open cell modules. These are then filled with well graded stone to create the mass required to counteract the earth pressures and surcharge loadings. Structural integrity is achieved through the interaction of the crib elements and the granular infill.

Walls over 8 m high can be built with a minimum amount of training and equipment.

Permacrib Retaining Walls are cheaper to build that equivalent walls using other types of materials.


All components are pressure treated to NZTPA H5, ASI604, BS5589 PCA and AWPA CI986 using CCA preservatives. Complete wood cell penetration is achieved giving full protection from termite and fungal attack. Tests have shown that an “in ground” service life in excess of 125 years can be expected. All Permacrib components carry a 50 year guarantee against decay and termite attack.